Our Impact

Environmental Impact

At Koakaka, protecting the environment is our duty. We have nursery trees in order to grow trees.  We do insect preservation in the gardens of the farmers. As protecting and conserving our nature is everyone’s role, we train farmers about environmental protection such as mulching and planting trees in their gardens to make sure they are all contributing to this. We do separation of garbage that can degrade the land.

Social Impact

At Koakaka, women's development is our priority as to why we have introduced different programs to support them. Primarily, we have initiated women's coffee which increased the revenue in their families and generated a Women's coffee premium of 8.57 Million Rwf for them over the last two years. In addition, we provide employment opportunities each season for about 404 people and 45% of them are women. The cooperative provides pieces of training to farmers and women about coffee preparations. Our community's development is another priority as to why we have provided water to the community and free power grid to 12 households. Our employees receive the second payment premium due to their role to the cooperative. The cooperative exists because of members as to why we have formed saving groups among members. The members get the privilege of getting credit with 0 interest and health insurance at no cost.  Briefly, Koakaka supports every step of its members, women, employees, and community's growth.

Our Achievements

At Koakaka, we have gradually made a shift through building three coffee washing stations, a coffee testing laboratory and to consolidating our lands so as to increase the production capacity. We are proud to have secured contracts with international buyers in the USA, EUROPE, JAPAN, and AUSTRALIA, managed to serve during the Specialty Coffee Association 2016 exhibition in Dublin. In 2016, our coffee was chosen as the best coffee in the country with the cupping core of 90.3% which added value to our overall productivity.

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