Our Story

Koakaka Cooperative was created in 2002 and today has 1,316 producer-members of which 297 are women, with 745.000 coffee trees. 
We are located in the South Province of Rwanda, at the edge of Nyungwe rainforest, protected natural reserve and green lung of the region. 
We collect coffee cherries from implemented 70 collection centers operating in 3 different districts. 
Now we are operating from three coffee washing stations: Karambi, Muganza and Gaseke established in 2003, 2015 and 2017 respectively. 
As a cooperative we have gradually increased where we own a coffee plantation of about 4 Ha and more than 7,500 coffee trees.  
We work closely with our partner RWASHOSCCO which is a coffee exporter worldwide. 
Ensuring that our members can produce high quality coffee sustainably and independently is our biggest priority. 
Our aim is to prepare and share our coffee to the Rwandan and international market.


  • Southern province
  • Nyamagabe District
  • Cyanika sector
  • Karama village
  • Karaba cell
  • GMP coordinates -2.524435,29.845179
  • Altitude: between 1685 and 2000m high
  • Variety: Arabica bourbon
  • Soil type: Sand and Clay
  • Soil pH mean: 4.6-5.3
  • Processing method: wet processing
  • Precipitation range: 1,300 to 1,400 mm

Contact us

(+250) 788 479 756 / (+250) 789 723 300

koakakacooperative@yahoo.fr / bonasaf2@gmail.com

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