297 / 1,316

Women members

4.6 - 5.3

Soil pH mean


Coffee trees

298 Ha

Coffee plantation

1685 m


86%+- AA

Cupping Scores

Certified under

Our Product

  • Fully washed Arabica bourbon- Majority A1 & A2.
  • Rwandan coffee often has clean, bright flavors with fruity sweetness, floral notes, and a tea-like finish.
  • Cupping Scores: >86%- specialty coffee sold internationally
  • Arabica represents 59% of the world’s coffee production.

Cup notes

Aroma/Flavor: bergamot, stone fruit, tea black, lemongrass, cedar, red apple, nectarine, ginger

Taste: strong malic, bright, and green apple

Our Process

Our own coffee is grown at the edge of the Nyungwe rainforest, the protected natural reserve and the green lung of the region. The wet processing method used involves carefully collecting coffee cherries from farmers, sorted by quality. The freshly harvested cherries are then de-pulped and dried in the sun for around two 2 weeks and before being stored. The process involves control measures at every stage of the value chain so as to ensure good quality coffee. This includes quality checks from coffee in the farms to the processing and exportation and cupping of the coffee on site.

Our Stories

Nemeyimana Celestin


I joined the cooperative in 2002. I love being part of this cooperative because we all support each other not just in coffee production, but in real life too. Whenever a member has a problem or is celebrating, we are each other’s main source of support.

Munganyinka Marie Claire

Coffee farmer

After the death of one of my parents, I had to join KOAKAKA to take over for them as a member of the cooperative. I was very young then, and the KOAKAKA cooperative took me in and taught me everything I know about coffee. I won 800,000 in the cup of excellence for having the best coffee harvest. I’ve been able to build a house and have become an outspoken woman.

Contact us

(+250) 788 479 756 / (+250) 789 723 300

koakakacooperative@yahoo.fr / bonasaf2@gmail.com

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