About Us


It began on May 7, 1999 with three coffee farmers associations operating in DBK (Dutere imbere bahinziba kawa) de l’ex commune Karama, ACKI (Association des Caféiculteurs de l ‘ex commune Kinyamakara) and DUKORE KAWA de l’ex commune Rukondo composed by 867 members with 324 women and 543 men, and was named I.A.KA.KA under Rwandan law no31/1988 OF 12 October 1988 regarding to cooperative creation, these associations later formed a union on May 14, 2002 was named KOAKAKA.

The cooperative union was registered by the Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) on 25th February 2003.  With land demarcation change when the communes became districts, I.A.KA.KA became a cooperative, and got legal personality on 04th March 2004, and became KOAKAKA. This legal personality was renewed by a decree no .RCA/430/2010 enacted on 15th March 2010 that replace a decree of 1988. It has got CWS through SPREAD support and farmers were motivated to join it because this factory has reduced transport and all post- harvest activities. Actually, it counts 1,316 members with 1,019 men and 297 women and the amount of share is 10,000Frw. This cooperative has two Coffee Washing Stations (Karambi, Muganza).In 2003, the union started a coffee washing station at KARAM­BI in Huye district with a capacity of 800T (flesh cherries) per season and another coffee washing station MUGANZA in Nyamagabe district started in 2005 with a capacity of 500T per season. Actually KARAMBI CWS we pro­duced 1,500T (flesh cherries) per season and MUGANZA CWS produced 700T per season.