Certification & Partners



  • Sustainability in both domestic and international markets for customers.
  • We have developed the relationship with Fairtrade through different certificates given to us because of good collaboration as participating in African Convention.

The coffee from the members of  KOAKAKA has participated in the coffee quality competition ( CUP OF EXCELENCE) In 2007 has the 1st in the competition RWANDA GOLDEN CUP, In 2011 It was Loted No 7 with 84.1% score, in 2012 it got Loted No 7 with 84.9% and No 9 with 83.8%. In 2013 it got Loted No 6 with 87.1% and No 14 with 83.2%. In 2014, It got Loted No 4 with 87.6% and No13 with 84.3% and In 2015, It got Loted No 6 with 89.05 and No 14 with 86.79%.

We received the certificate of good governance from RCA (Rwanda Cooperative Agency) through the audit done on 2012. KOAKAKA Cooperative is certified by FLO-CERT GmbH.

The strategy and implementation are based on alternative of costs and uses of ICT with markets decentralization are tactics. On other hand, sensibilisation, promotion and dividends within the augmentation of quality and quantity are also strong programs in KOAKAKA

The Coffee famers’ fields are situated on an altitude of 1,685 m to 2,000 with less sunlight and have a favorable rain for coffee production longitude.


  • The cooperative has got the partners who are providing it various supports. Among of them we can the former, NAEB (National Agricultural Export Board) which gives technicians in agriculture, chemical products, insecticide and trainings.
  • RWASHOSCCO Ltd (Rwanda Small Holders Society Cooperative) helps to gain the international market, trainings and coffee tasting.
  • BRD (Rwanda Development Bank) in offering the loans and credits.
  • RCA (Rwanda Cooperatives Agency) and the public institutions in general.
  • CRS (Catholic Relief Service) which support us on the internal audit and trainings.
  •  Mobicash Rwanda